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South Beach Diet

Join the millions of participants who have lost weight on the South Beach Diet! This doctor-designed diet plan allows you to still enjoy many of the delicious foods you crave while you shed the unwanted pounds. You'll also be provided with extra tools to help you succeed in your weight loss goals. Unlike many other diet plans, the South Beach Diet doesn't force you to count calories or points and is highly affordable.

How It Works

The South Beach Diet is divided into three distinctive phases in order to help you lose weight in a safe and realistic way:
  • Phase One – This initial phase has been designed to help you eliminate cravings for unhealthy foods and to stabilize your levels of blood sugar. You will remain in this phase for the first 14 days of your plan and will be provided with satisfying foods containing vital nutrients. Most participants experience rapid weight loss during this beginning phase. This phase allows you to enjoy delicious foods such as spicy pork skewers, smoked turkey roll-ups and even sugar-free popsicles.
  • Phase Two – You will gradually be reintroduced to fruits, whole grains and other nutritious food choices during this middle phase. You will remain in this phase until you reach your weight loss goal. Savor the flavors of grilled fish tacos, inside-out cheeseburgers and sugar-free chocolate pudding while in this phase.
  • Phase Three – This final stage of your plan is considered to be your maintenance phase once you have reached your ideal weight. Grilled pork tenderloin, chipotle beef burritos, unsweetened cocoa powder and other favorite foods can be enjoyed in moderation. Making smart choices during this phase can help you keep the extra weight off for life!

Basic Program Costs

One of the best aspects of the South Beach Diet is the incredibly low cost to join. Plans start for as little as $5 a week! In addition to the free recipes you will be given access to, you also have the option of purchasing South Beach Diet brand snack bars, smoothies, and packaged breakfasts and lunches.

Exercise Components

Incorporating a regular fitness routine into your diet is key to losing weight and maintaining long-term results. The South Beach Diet plan offers a fitness program with online personal training sessions designed to help you speed up your metabolism and lose weight at a faster pace. The fitness program gives you access to more than 100 different exercise videos and pictures complete with detailed instructions. Exercises cover various aspects of fitness such as cardio training and core strengthening. These online personal training sessions are administered by qualified fitness experts.

Online Support

The South Beach Diet offers many online tools to help you lose weight and adopt healthier lifestyle choices. Registered dieticians are available to provide weekly online consultations and offer advice. An interactive weight tracker lets you monitor your weight loss. The online journal is available for you to record activities, eating habits and milestones in your weight loss journey. You can also browse through more than 1,000 recipes offering preparation methods of many delicious foods. Keep track of your grocery shopping and plan meals with the online shopping list tool. Learn the proper foods to eat while dining out with the restaurant guides provided. There is even a tool that lets you track your blood glucose levels. Member forums let participants connect in a safe and supportive environment. Stay on top of your diet while on the go with the cutting-edge mobile app. Daily emails offer additional tips and motivational strategies to help you progress on your plan.

Tips for Success

It is easy to lose weight and keep it off with the South Beach Diet if you are willing to follow the plan accordingly. It is important to follow through with each phase of the program without rushing through the process. If you try to skip steps in an attempt to lose weight faster, you could set yourself back in your weight loss goals. Using the helpful online tools is also a key component to success.

Who's Doing It?

Many participants can attest to the fact that the South Beach Diet is one of the safest and most effective weight loss plans on today's market. Jennifer K. managed to turn her life around by losing an incredible 110 lbs. Gary A. took control of his health after turning 50 and lost an impressive 55 lbs. Arnie M. learned healthy habits for life and was able to shed 120 lbs. of extra weight.

A number of notable celebrities have also had success with the South Beach Diet. Former US President Bill Clinton has long been a proponent of this weight loss plan. Entertainers Bette Midler and Kim Cattrall also proudly endorse the South Beach Diet.

Pros of the South Beach Diet Plan

- The plan is easy to follow.
- Many different online tools are available to provide further assistance.
- Recipes are available for many different types of meals.

Cons of the South Beach Diet Plan

- The lack of a complete meal delivery plan might make it easier to cheat on the diet.
- No in-person sessions with a fitness trainer are available.

Get down to the size you always dreamed of by getting started on the South Beach Diet today! Regardless of your age, gender or health conditions, the South Beach diet can work wonders for you. Visit to learn more information and to register for a weight loss plan.  You can also save money with coupons from!