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Sonoma Diet

The Sonoma Diet aims to help you not only lose weight, but continue to enjoy your meals. With Sonoma Diet, you will still eat rich and flavorful meals while seeing results. The Sonoma Diet promises that you will begin to see a trimmer waist and have more energy within ten days of beginning the diet. Because of its focus on more than just changing your eating habits, the Sonoma Diet states that it is more than just a diet, that it is a way of life.

How It Works

The Sonoma Diet works not just by changing what foods that you eat, but by teaching you how to live a rich and enjoyable life while still losing weight and gaining energy. With the Sonoma Diet, you will focus on including the twelve power foods in your meals each and every day. These power foods are almonds, beans, bell peppers, blueberries, broccoli, citrus, grapes, olive oil, spinach, strawberries, tomatoes and whole grains. With these foods as the building blocks for your new foundation of good eating, you will begin to see weight loss in as little as ten days’ time.

Basic Program Costs

The majority of the program costs that come with the Sonoma Diet are those that come with purchasing your groceries. Because of this, it is hard to say just what the cost would be. It depends on things like name brand versus generic and if you buy organic. The only real cost aside from food on the Sonoma Diet is purchasing the book. The Sonoma Diet weight loss guide and meal plan is approximately $22.95 from most book retailers. An account on the website is free, and will allow you to receive personalized weight loss goals and emails directly in your inbox.

Exercise Components

There are no exercise components to speak of when it comes to the Sonoma Diet. While the program aims to teach you how to live a healthier and more fruitful lifestyle, it does not include any sort of exercise regimen or even a suggested amount of exercise for you to achieve. Many doctors however, suggest that you get at least 30 minutes of exercise 3 times a week to help your body to stay healthy. This can be achieved with something as simple as a brisk after dinner walk or a few laps around the swimming pool.

Online Support

The Sonoma Diet offers very little in the way of online support. While this is the case, you can sign up to receive motivational emails and tips sent directly to your inbox. If you are looking for a way to connect with other dieters on the same path as you, this is not offered directly from the Sonoma Diet website. You will need to find people on your own. The basis of their online support is mostly automated, making it difficult to speak to a live person if you have questions or find yourself needing help or motivation.

Tips For Success on Sonoma Diet

When it comes to the Sonoma Diet, consistency is the key. You need to make your meals from the power ingredients. This may require you to widen your palette if you are not fond of items like olive oil and broccoli. But these items are the very building blocks of the diet and cannot be skimped. Whole grain pasta is not the same as regular pasta. Nor is another oil the same as olive oil. If you are able to make these meals without shortcuts, then you will see results.

Who's Doing It?

Suzy is a mother and grandmother who thought that weight gain was just something that came with age. But as she began to see her health falter because she was overweight, she knew that it was time for a change. Suzy began using the Sonoma Diet and has lost a staggering 65 pounds. More importantly, she has kept the weight off without having to crash diet or cut any foods out of her diet. Eva is another Sonoma Diet success story, a woman who hit 50 and gained 94 pounds. The Sonoma Diet helped her to lose 51 pounds and has even helped cut her cravings for sweets.


1. Good taste - If you are someone who feels like food is an art form to be enjoyed, then the Sonoma Diet may be a good fit for you. With a focus on foods still tasting good while being healthy, this is a great weight loss solution for those who love to eat.

2. Inexpensive - Because the only real recurring cost of the Sonoma Diet is your groceries, it is a relatively inexpensive diet plan. This can be a great choice for those who can't afford things like monthly membership fees or dues.


1. No Exercise Plan - If you are looking for a diet plan that comes with an exercise plan for you to follow, then the Sonoma Diet may not be the best choice for you. This diet makes little to no mention of what type of exercise you should be getting, and how much.

2. Time Consuming - If you are someone who is constantly on the run and doesn't have time to cook, the Sonoma Diet may not be the best choice for you. The meal plans are all items that have to be cooked by you, which may not be the best choice for those with little time.


A diet that focuses on teaching you how to live a better life, the Sonoma Diet is a great choice for those who love food and don't want to give up the enjoyment of dinner while losing weight. At you can get a free weight loss evaluation, and motivational emails as well as sample meal plans and recipes to help you decide if the Sonoma Diet is the right choice for you. If you are looking to change your life, then take a look at the Sonoma Diet at and save money at