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Slim down the safe way with Medifast. This effective weight loss plan teaches you how to lead a healthier lifestyle. You will be provided with a variety of delicious and nutritious foods to enjoy while you shed the unwanted pounds. Unlike other unreliable diet plans on the market, Medifast is a brand that people can trust. In fact, more than 20,000 doctors have recommended this plan since 1980.

How it Works Medifast understands that rapid weight loss does not happen overnight. That's why the creators of this plan have come up with three distinct phases to help you lose weight steadily and realistically. These phases include:
  • Weight Loss Phase - The 5 & 1 Plan has been designed for the beginning phase of your weight loss journey. This involves eating five Medifast meals and one Lean & Green meal each day. Meals are to be consumed every two to three hours in order to keep blood sugars stable. Keeping the blood sugars stable throughout the day prevents the body from going into starvation mode. Preventing the body from going into starvation mode enables the body to digest food more effectively. Most participants lose anywhere from two to five pounds per week during the first two weeks and one to two pounds each week thereafter.
  • Transition Phase - You will move into this phase once you have reached your weight loss goals. This phase allows you to consume more calories and larger portions of lean proteins, whole grains and other types of healthy foods. This phase lasts six weeks and is meant to reintroduce certain foods to your diet in a healthier way.
  • Maintenance Phase - This final phase involves coming up with a plan to help you maintain your weight loss results. Professionals at Medifast will help you calculate your recommended daily calorie intake. Your age, gender, fitness activity level and other factors are used to calculate these caloric figures. You will also be introduced to the 3 & 3 Plan which involves eating three regular meals and three smaller meals consisting of fewer calories each day.

Basic Program Costs Fortunately, participating on the Medifast weight loss program is highly affordable. You can either choose a pre-assembled variety meal package or 20 boxes of Medifast meals to start. You also have the option of purchasing To Go! meals and snacks as well as healthy supplements and beverage flavorings packed with antioxidants.

Exercise Components An exercise guide is available as a free download off the company's website. The guide details information like the specific types of exercises you should perform, target heart rate and the exercise pyramid. The guide also provides more information on exercises of low, medium and high intensities. The professionals at Medifast highly recommended engaging in fitness activities in order to experience the best long-term results.

Online Support Medifast also features a series of online tools designed to help you with your weight loss. The Daily Success Tracker lets you keep track of what you eat each day and also allows you to list your daily exercise routines and your general mood for the day. The maintenance guide works with the 3 & 3 Plan and offers more information on staying healthy, understanding the numbers, and how to visualize portions. There are also guides available specifically for seniors, teens and nursing mothers.

Tips for Success Succeeding with Medifast is easy if you are willing to commit to the program. It is important to stay on each phase of the weight loss plan for as long as recommended. Adding variety to your meals is a great way to stay on track without becoming bored by monotony. If you feel that you are struggling with your plan, you should contact one of the caring staff members for further tips and motivational strategies.

Who's Doing It? Numerous celebrities have endorsed Medifast as an effective weight loss plan. Actress Kristy Swanson was able to lose 25 lbs. after giving birth. Genie Francis, a notable TV star, managed to lose 28 lbs. and has been able to keep it off.

Other participants have also provided positive testimonials. Mary Reichenbach regained her self-confidence by losing 24 lbs. with Medifast. Kelsey Nelson shed 80 lbs. of extra weight while still in her early 20s. Lisa Braswell lost 49 lbs. and was able to fit into a size 2/4 just in time for her 45th birthday. Scott Eyler started seeing results after just one week on the program and managed to lose a total of 60 lbs. Danny Ninkovic overcame his struggles with obesity by dropping an incredible 132 lbs.!

Pros of the Medifast Plan - The program is able to fit into almost anyone's budget. - The weight loss phases make losing weight both safe and effective. - In addition to just losing weight, Medifast teaches people how to live an overall healthier lifestyle.

Cons of the Medifast Plan - There are no online forums allowing members to connect and offer support to one another. - Some participants may choose to skip exercising due to the lack of a preset fitness routine.

Medifast is the perfect weight loss program for people of all ages, fitness levels and lifestyles. Medifast makes it easy to lose weight with the carefully planned diet phases and variety of tasty meals offered. Medifast employs a team of friendly and knowledgeable weight loss professional who are available to help you every step of the way. Learn more by visiting and save on your first order with coupons from!