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The Jillian Michaels diet is an allover weight loss and fitness program aimed to help you to not only lose weight, but to tone as you go. With the Jillian Michaels diet you will learn how to choose healthy foods to make delicious meals as well as training yourself in the discipline needed to lose weight and work out the right way. The Jillian Michaels diet includes work out routines, meal plans, and customized information to help you lose weight for your specific age, gender and body type.

How It Works

The Jillian Michaels diet works by changing the way you look at your body and what you put into it. While on the Jillian Michaels diet, you will learn to make healthier, lower fat choices when it comes to food. You will also learn healthy substitutions for some of the unhealthy treats that you love. On top of learning the best foods to fuel your body you will also begin an exercise regimen that will take your fitness to the next level. With the Jillian Michaels diet you will work out your whole body and learn the dedication you need to stay healthy for the rest of your life.

Basic Program Costs

The program costs for the Jillian Michaels diet varies depending on what you choose to take part in. There is a free version of the diet that offers some meal plans, exercise routines and access to other users all at no cost. This version of the plan will only cost you as much as you spend in food as well as whatever fitness equipment you may need for your home. With the more in depth package you will get everything listed above as well as more personalized results, emails and meal plans to fit your needs. This version of the program is $4 a week, and is billed on a quarterly or 13 week basis.

Exercise Components

Exercise is a large part of the Jillian Michaels diet. You will be working out at least 5 days a week, doing a variety of different cardio and strength training exercises. With the Jillian Michaels diet you will be able to track the calories burned as well as the time spent working out, directly at the website. The exercise program is relatively simple, consisting mostly of cardio moves that most people are already familiar with if they have worked out before.

Online Support

The amount of online support offered in the Jillian Michaels diet depends on whether or not you pay for your membership. For nonpaying members there is access to a forum, as well as a small variety of workout routines and meal plans. There are no motivational emails or personalized information. For those who pay for membership, you get everything listed above as well as daily emails from Jillian and access to online diet coaches who can help you to stay on track and keep with your diet.

Tips For Success on The Jillian Michaels Diet

When it comes to finding your stride and being successful on the Jillian Michaels diet, the key lies in consistency. The workouts are where you are going to see your results. You need to put the time in each week in order to help burn the calories and begin working your way to a better you. If you happen to splurge on something like a cheeseburger then make sure to try and work those extra calories into your workout. This will help you to protect against going off track on those days you fall off of the food wagon, so to speak.

Who's Doing It?

When it comes to big names on the Jillian Michaels diet, of course there is no bigger name than Jillian Michaels herself. She is one of the proudest members of the Jillian Michaels diet and she follows it to the letter each and every day. Caroline is a single business owner in California who started the Jillian Michaels diet to get her life back on track. In time, while on the Jillian Michaels diet she has lost an astounding 100 pounds. Caroline still sticks with the Jillian Michaels diet even though she has reached her weight loss goals.


1. In Depth - If you are looking for an allover exercise and diet regimen that will help you to change your life from the inside out, then the Jillian Michaels diet may just be the right choice for you. The diet has everything you need to build a new foundation for your life.

2. Support - When it comes to online support, there are very few diets that offer the same amount of support and care that the Jillian Michaels diet does. The access to other dieters can help you to stay motivated during tough times.


1. Lots of Exercise - If you are new to working out or are someone who has trouble staying dedicated when it comes to gym time, then the Jillian Michaels diet may not be the right choice for you. The diet relies heavily on getting to the gym at least 3-5 days a week.

2. Time Consuming - Unlike some other all-inclusive diets out there, the Jillian Michaels diet requires that you make your own meals each day. If you are someone who is constantly on the go this can be troublesome as it can cut heavily into your time or leave you relying on fast food for meals.


If you’re looking for more than just a diet, the Jillian Michaels diet program may be the right choice for you. This diet and exercise program has all the tools to teach you how to live and healthy and fulfilling life, one day at a time. With the Jillian Michaels diet, you will learn how to work out your body best as well as how to make the intelligent and healthy food choices when it comes to your meals each and every day. And with DietCoupon.net, you will save money on your next Jillian Michaels diet purchase!