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Drop the excessive pounds that are holding you back in life by signing up for an eDiets plan. Many people have used eDiets to transform their lives by learning how to make healthier choices. This online nutritional program lets you choose from different types of plans designed to fit your lifestyle. You can even have a customized plan created.

How It Works

Enjoy delicious and healthy meals delivered right to your door from eDiets. These meals are perfectly portioned and do not require you to count calories. All meals are prepared by chefs and can easily be reheated at home. Unlike foods from other meal delivery plans, the meals from eDiets will not turn into a disgusting pile of mush when they are microwaved. Choose from mouthwatering menu selections such as chicken lentil soup, grilled pork loin and roasted turkey.

The professionals at eDiets also understand that one-size-fits-all diet plans are not for everyone. That's why specific plans have been developed in order to fit your health and dietary needs. These specific plans are available in addition to the standard meal delivery plan:

  • Heart Smart Plan – This plan is ideal for people who want to lower their risks of developing high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes. Fresh and whole foods low in fat, cholesterol and sodium are incorporated into this plan. This plan follows guidelines from the American Heart Association.
  • Mediterranean Diet – Scientific research has indicated that people who live in the Mediterranean region often experience longer lifespans and greater cardiovascular health due in part to the foods they eat. This plan has been designed to emulate many of these types of foods. These fresh and unprocessed meals can lower the risk of developing heart disease and certain types of cancer. Fish, olive oil and other types of healthy edibles are used in many of the meals. You can even enjoy a daily glass of wine while on this plan.
  • Vegetarian Plan – If you wish to enjoy meals without animal products, this low-carb plan is the best option for you. This plan does not utilize soy products as a substitute for meat. Adequate amounts of protein, vitamins and minerals are incorporated into the meals.
  • Living with Diabetes Plan – The professionals at eDiets have even designed a plan to help diabetics control sugar cravings with low-carb foods. An adequate and consistent amount of carbohydrates is provided with each meal in order to help manage blood sugar levels. Unhealthy processed foods are also eliminated from this diet plan.
  • Lactose-Free Plan – This plan eliminates all dairy products and is perfect for lactose-intolerant individuals. Instead of getting calcium from dairy products, adequate amounts of calcium are provided from seafood, almonds, kidney beans and other nutritious edibles.

Basic Programs Costs

Plans from eDiets are affordable and convenient. The plans include meals, online tools and access to recipes without having to purchase any extra equipment or materials. Also, if you follow the program correctly and still have not reached your weight loss goals after six month, eDiets will give you the next six months for free!

Exercise Components

In addition to a variety of delicious meals delivered to your door, you will also receive custom fitness plans and personal training guidance. Fitness plans feature specifically targeted exercises based on your weight loss goals. A series of 3D exercise videos provides accurate training techniques. You can choose to perform any of these workouts in either a gym or home setting. Individual fitness consultations are also offered by trained fitness experts.

Online Support

Online tools are also available to assist you. Articles and videos offering nutritional advice and other useful information can be freely viewed. You can also browse through a series of healthy recipes for those times you wish to prepare your own meals. A free diet profile provides a 360 degree assessment of your lifestyle. Live chat agents are additionally available to answer any questions.

Tips for Success

As with any other diet plan, it is important to follow all of the specifics of the eDiets program. The delicious foods offered by eDiets make it easy to stay on track. Staying on top of your fitness routine is another great way to ensure success. It is also a good idea to browse through the helpful online videos and articles on a regular basis in order to get the latest tips and to get an extra boost of inspiration.

Who's Doing It?

You would be amazed to learn how many people have lost weight with eDiets. Carrie lost 30 lbs. with eDiets and was finally able to fit into a sexy bikini. Christine shed more than half her body weight by losing a remarkable 150 lbs. Jon was able to turn his life around by dropping 105 lbs. Recording artist and TV personality CeeLo Green quickly lost 12 lbs. during the initial stages of his weight loss program.

Pros of the eDiets Plan

- The meal delivery system makes it easy to stay on track.
- Unhealthy processed foods are not used in any of the meals.
- Fitness programs are detailed and easy to comprehend.

Cons of the eDiets Plan

- There is no online community for members to connect with one another. - Certain information can be difficult to find on the company's website.

Let eDiets help you lose the extra weight with tasty meals and helpful online tools. Whether you are a person who is constantly on the go or a person with certain dietary needs, eDiets has the right plan tailored to your lifestyle. Representatives are standing by to provide assistance. Get started now by going to www.ediets.com and save money on your first order with coupons from DietCoupon.net.