BodyBuilding Diet

The BodyBuilding Diet is a weight loss and muscle gain program made specifically for those who are already healthy, who are looking to add muscle and gain strength in their workouts. This program focuses heavily on the workout aspects of health as well as using supplements, protein powders and shakes to maximize every minute of your workout. The BodyBuilding Diet was created on the foundation of several different well known and effective bodybuilding techniques—all formed into a single cohesive diet and exercise plan for beginners as well as seasoned workout veterans.

How It Works

The BodyBuilding Diet works by controlling your intake of fats and carbs to help you lose weight and gain muscle as well as muscle tone. The program relies most on completing daily workouts to keep you fit and gaining strength. With the use of herbal and natural supplements as well as protein powders and shakes both before and after workouts, the BodyBuilding Diet aims to help you effectively train your body to become stronger and less dependent upon things like processed foods. Creatine is a major component in the BodyBuilding Diet, whether it is ingested as a pill or in other products.

Basic Program Costs

Access to the BodyBuilding Diet program itself is free. All you need to do is create an account at to access their selection of workouts and nutrition information, as well as diet plans and exercise routines.

The true costs of the program are evident in the supplements and shakes that it recommends for use. Whey protein is approximately $50.00 to $75.00 for a 5 pound container. Protein powders can range from $30.00 to $70.00 for a 4 pound container. Creatine capsules can range anywhere from $20.00 to $90.00 for a supply of 48 capsules. These supplements are used daily.

Exercise Components

Exercise is the number one component of this program. While it is not expressly implied that a gym membership is needed for this program, it is almost a given. With the BodyBuilding Diet, you will be working out at least once a day, five days a week or more depending on your personal fitness level.

The exercise program follows most weight lifting and strength work outs. There is very little cardio involved. The majority of the exercise program with the BodyBuilding Diet is lifting free weights, doing clean snatches and lower body machine work. The program assumes that you have a working knowledge of these types of exercise, as very little instruction is given.

Online Support

There is no professional online support offered with the BodyBuilding Diet. There is some online support for the store on the site, but this is simply for ordering issues or shipping problems. The BodyBuilding Diet program does offer a forum which allows you to connect with others taking part in the diet. This lends itself to you being able to ask for advice and insight from others on the fitness journey with you, and can offer support to those in need.

Tips For Success

Be prepared. The BodyBuilding Diet is not one that was created for fitness beginners. If you are not familiar with how to do the basic lifts and snatches in the program, it is important that you work with a personal trainer so that you learn the correct form. Because so much of the program is independently led, having improper form could lead to injury.

The supplements are the difference makers when it comes to getting over a plateau. If you have found yourself without any gains recently, you made need to change or increase your supplements to meet your new needs.

Who's Doing It?

Dwayne Johnson, also known as “The Rock” from professional wrestling, has long been a staunch supporter of the BodyBuilding Diet. He has used it to put on even more muscle than he previously had during his wrestling career when he began to work on a movie about bodybuilders.

John Cena is another well-known bodybuilder and professional wrestler who uses the BodyBuilding Diet. Though he is currently a full time professional wrestler, Cena has previously been a professional bodybuilder for a period of several years.


1. Tried and true - The BodyBuilding Diet has been tested and improved by many in the fitness business over the years. If you are looking to take your weight lifting and body building to the next level, then this is the program for you.
2. Inexpensive - Aside from the price of supplements and protein powders, there is very little cost involved with the BodyBuilding Diet. This can make it easier to test out and make sure it is the right fit for you, without having to sign up for things with recurring fees or memberships.


1. No customer support - Because of the free nature of the program, there is next to no customer support available. Though you have access to the forums and other users, there is no guarantee of a professional opinion like some other diets may offer.
2. No refunds - While most diets offer some sort of program where you can try it out and return it for free if it does not work for you, this is not the case with the BodyBuilding Diet. If you find that you do not like the diet, you may be stuck with unused supplements and supplies.


If you are someone who has made fitness their goal and is already in good shape, then the BodyBuilding Diet may be just what you are looking for. It offers more advanced solutions for those who need to do more than just lose weight and who want to change their muscle tone and body shape.

When first starting the BodyBuilding Diet, it is best to make yourself known to the community for support at They can help you to choose the supplements and powders that will best suit your body type and fitness goals. And be sure to visit for savings on your order!