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Bistro MD Diet

Bistro MD is a doctor backed meal delivery program. The program has all of your meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks) delivered directly to your front door for either 5 or 7 days each week. The diet program was created with the help of a doctor, and Bistro MD has a dietitian that helps to create each and every meal plan. There are plans for both men and women to suit their specific needs as well as plans for those who need or want diabetic safe and vegetarian meal choices.

How It Works

The Bistro MD program works by controlling the food that goes into your body. It is about more than portion size. With the Bistro MD program, not only do you get meals that are perfectly portioned to help you lose weight, they are also high in nutrients and low in calories. These meals are doctor approved to pack the most nutritional value in each bite, and by only eating what is made available to you by the program as well as limiting liquid intake to non-calorie drinks, you can see weight loss within a few weeks’ time.

Basic Program Costs

The main costs of the Bistro MD is the meal delivery service itself. Though the program suggests that you work out, you do not have to buy exercise equipment or a gym membership as you can work out at home by walking or doing self-made work out routines to meet your calorie burning goals.

For the 7 day Bistro MD program, the cost is $159.95 per week. For the 5 day program, the cost per week is $129.95. This is the price for the meals alone. As they are shipped weekly through FedEx, there is the flat rate of $24.95 per week that is not included in your weekly meal prices.

Exercise Components

Bistro MD does not have a solid, day by day work out program. They do offer access to different workout routines through the website or app, but there are not requirements of the program nor are they necessary for you to succeed with your weight loss goals with Bistro MD. These weight loss and exercise suggestions can range from making use of equipment at the gym to using home gym equipment. There are even work out routines that are made especially for those people who do not have any exercise equipment of their own and include things like cardio work outs with running and yoga.

Online Support

The main piece of Bistro MD's online support lies in their app. With this app, you can make changes to your menu from your phone, as well as see billing and shipping information. The website offers access to registered dietitians that you may ask about your weight loss concerns and certain health issues. Bistro MD also offers weekly emails with tips on how to effectively make lifestyle changes from things like choosing the best drink to go with your meals as well as how to make smart decisions at the grocery store.

Tips for Success on the Bistro MD Diet

The number one tip for success on the Bistro MD Diet is to stick with the meal plan. These meals have been created specifically to help foster weight loss and health improvement. By choosing not to eat certain items or snacking outside of your given foods, you can add in unhealthy calories and fats. It is also important to monitor your intake of flavored drinks, with the program suggesting that you make non-calorie choices like water with lemon instead of soda. If you feel you must have a flavored drink, diet sodas are a solid choice.

Who's Doing It?

Men and women of all ages have found success with the Bistro MD diet. Take Cindy, a mother of multiples who was fighting to get her pre-baby body back. With the help of Bistro MD and their registered dietitians and work out plans, she was able to lose a whopping 55 pounds and not only get down to the weight she was before she had her babies, but to even get below that weight and lose a few extra pounds.

Mia is a woman who never had any issues with her weight until menopause. But with Bistro MD to help her learn the healthy habits she needed for her changing body, she was able to lose 40 pounds and get her health on track.


1. Convenience - With Bistro MD, all the tools you need to lose weight are delivered directly to your door. All you have to do is heat and eat.
2. No Math - This diet is perfect for someone who doesn't want to have to go to the trouble of counting calories, weighing out food choices or keeping up with proteins, carbs and fats.


1. No support system - If you are someone who needs to build a support system with other dieters around you, this may not be the program for you. Though you have access to dietitians and a dedicated app, there is no forum for dieters provided by the program, which can leave you feeling stranded and alone.
2. Limited choices - If you have a very picky palette or a lot of food allergies, you may feel as if you are limited when it comes to the food choices made available with the program.


Bistro MD is a meal delivery and weight loss program that focuses not only on helping you lose the weight, but also making sure you savor and enjoy each meal while learning healthy lifestyle changes and how to implement them in your life. At, you can access their full menu, make changes to your order and even speak to a registered dietitian about your weight loss concerns. If you are someone who doesn't enjoy cooking or are looking for an easy way to lose weight without counting calories or portioning your own meals, then Bistro MD might just be the right choice for you.

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