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BeachBody Diet


Lose the extra pounds and transform your body with the fitness programs offered by BeachBody. Fun workout videos have been designed to dramatically sculpt your body. Exercise gear, healthy supplements and a supportive online community are also available to help you along the way. Unlike many other fad diets frequently advertised, the fitness programs offered by Beachbody teach you how to achieve maximum results the right way.

How it Works BeachBody offers a variety of fitness tools to help you lose weight and build muscle. Using these tools can help you get the best results fast. Specific tools include:
  • Videos – BeachBody has created a series of videos designed to help you incorporate fitness into your weight loss strategy. The Hip Hop Abs video incorporates hip hop dance moves into a fun and invigorating exercise routine. Get an attractive rear end with the Brazil Butt Lift program. 10 Minute Trainer videos are perfect for people who have trouble finding time to exercise due to their hectic schedules.
  • Gear – State-of-the-art exercise equipment is available to help you on your fitness journey. The equipment offered by BeachBody is able to easily fit into most living spaces. Stability balls, chin-up bars and resistance bands are the perfect pieces to incorporate into a home gym. Plyometrics and yoga blocks are available as well. Heart rate monitors and body fat testers provide accurate readings. Keep track of your daily eating habits and exercise routines with a TurboTracker food and fitness journal.
  • Supplements – BeachBody also offers safe supplements formulated to facilitate weight loss and provide beneficial nutrients. Delicious meal replacement shakes come in 30-day supplies and are available in chocolate and vanilla flavors. Strength and muscle supplements and whey protein powder help you lose weight as you develop a more muscular physique. Calcium, omega-3 and herbal immune tablets are also available.
Basic Program Costs The fitness videos and additional products offered by BeachBody vary in cost, but most items are reasonably priced. This program does not require any membership fees or contracts. You are free to choose the exercise videos, fitness gear and supplements you wish to order. You also have the option of signing up for the Team Beach Body Club for a nominal fee to receive extra fitness tools. If you are unsatisfied with your purchases for any reason, BeachBody offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Exercise Components The creators of BeachBody understand that exercise is a key factor in losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Unlike many other diet programs, BeachBody's programs are designed to help you establish an effective workout routine. The professionals at BeachBody also understand that a “one-size-fits-all” approach to fitness does not work for everyone. That's why BeachBody offers a variety of exercise videos featuring different types of fitness routines. This approach helps people of all different lifestyles, interests and overall fitness levels.

Online Support In addition to all of the great workout programs, BeachBody also offers online tools and a supportive community to help participants stay motivated. Message boards and chat rooms allow participants to communicate with fitness experts and fellow program participants. Optional newsletters provide further information on diet and fitness. There is also the option of joining the Team BeachBody Club where members receive benefits such as personalized meal plans, discounts on all purchases and a personal online coach. Participants can additionally win cash and other prizes by signing up online for special fitness challenges. Online support representatives are also available to answer any questions.

Tips for Success Success with BeachBody is achievable if you are willing to put in the work and follow through with the workout routines on a regular basis. Instead of looking at these routines as just grueling and monotonous exercises, try to think of these workouts as a fun and enjoyable pastime. Fortunately, the videos offered by BeachBody are designed to be exciting and motivating. You should also figure out a proper nutrition plan and use the supplements offered by BeachBody for the most effective results. Furthermore, you should consult with the online community if you are having trouble staying motivated.

Who's Doing It? Some of today's hottest entertainers and athletes have used BeachBody products to achieve their amazing physiques. Singer-songwriter Sheryl Crow has used BeachBody fitness programs to help maintain her slim figure. BeachBody helped actor Taylor Lautner develop his ripped abs and chiseled body. Football legend Emmit Smith has used the programs to stay in great shape.

BeachBody has transformed the bodies and lives of everyday people as well. Rob S. used the programs to lose 40 lbs. BeachBody's programs helped Kristy McLean become lean by giving her the tools and motivation to lose 90 lbs. Dallas Carter went from morbidly obese to slender and healthy by dropping a whopping 190 lbs.!

Pros of the BeachBody Program - Fitness videos are made to be fun and motivating. - Online support is available to provide additional tips and assistance. - Workout routines can be done in the comfort of your own home.

Cons of the BeachBody Program - No healthy meal delivery programs are offered. - The lack of an in-person fitness trainer could make it harder to stay on track with the programs.

BeachBody's fitness programs have transformed the lives of millions of people around the world. BeachBody makes fitness fun with the invigorating workout programs offered. Get on the road to a healthier lifestyle with BeachBody today! Check out BeachBody's videos and additional products at and save on your first order with coupons from!